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RBL Highlights: 8/19/09

Highlights from the most recent edition of the Review of Biblical Literature.  This week’s biblioblog contribution: a review by V. H. T. Nguyen!

Margaret Barker
The Hidden Tradition of the Kingdom of God
Reviewed by Benedict Thomas Viviano, O.P.

Adam Green
King Saul: The True History of the First Messiah
Reviewed by Ralph K. Hawkins

Søren Holst
Verbs and War Scroll: Studies in the Hebrew Verbal System and the Qumran War Scrolls
Reviewed by Francis Dalrymple-Hamilton

Hans-Josef Klauck
The Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles: An Introduction
Reviewed by Paul Dilley

Bernard M. Levinson
“The Right Chorale”: Studies in Biblical Law and Interpretation
Reviewed by J. Glen Taylor

Darian Lockett
Purity and Worldview in the Epistle of James
Reviewed by John C. Poirier

Daniel Marguerat, ed.
Introduction au Nouveau Testament: Son histoire, son écriture, sa théologie
Reviewed by V. Henry T. Nguyen

Steve Mason
Flavius Josephus: Translation and Commentary: Vol. 1b: Judean War 2
Reviewed by Marcus Sigismund

Francis J. Moloney
Life of Jesus in Icons: From the “Bible of Tbilisi”
Reviewed by V. Henry T. Nguyen

Martti Nissinen and Risto Uro, eds.
Sacred Marriages: The Divine-Human Sexual Metaphor from Sumer to Early Christianity
Reviewed by Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer

Jacobine G. Oudshoorn
The Relationship between Roman and Local Law in the Babatha and Salome Komaise Archives: General Analysis and Three Case Studies on Law of Succession, Guardianship and Marriage
Reviewed by Judith Evans Grubbs

Kuo-Wei Peng
Hate the Evil, Hold Fast to the Good: Structuring Romans 12.1-15.1
Reviewed by Derek R. Brown

Eckhard J. Schnabel
Paul the Missionary: Realities, Strategies and Methods
Reviewed by Torrey Seland

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