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A New Biblioblog: Salainen Evankelista

From The Biblioblog Top 50:

Timo S. Paananen, who has just completed his Masters at the University of Helsinki, has begun blogging (mostly in English) at Salainen evankelista (which translates as ‘Secret Evangelist’).

Timo’s Master’s thesis addresses the authenticity of Secret Mark, and includes a full critique of Stephen C. Carlson’s attempt to prove it a hoax. Check out his posts from July 2009, which include chapter summaries from his Masters thesis about Secret Mark.

Salainen evankelista will feature discussion of early Christianity, extra-canonical early Christian writings and the New Testament, and contemporary conspiracy theories. Timo is intending to commence a PhD in January 2010.

Secret Mark is a hot topic these days!  As my Finnish leaves something to be desired, I’ll look forward to the English translation of Timo’s thesis.