Symposia: A New Open Access Journal

The inaugural issue of Symposia: The Centre for the Study of Religion Graduate Student Journal, published by the University of Toronto, is now available online.  Happily, the editors have decided to grant open access to its content “on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.”  All of the initial articles relate to the general theme of religion in the public sphere:


The God(s) That Failed: Religion, Secularity, and the Early Alasdair MacIntyre
James Chappel
Secularism Prêt- à-Porter: An Analysis of the Effects of Law 2004-228 Banning Conspicuous Religious Symbols in Public Schools on Freedom of Conscience
Tyler Hodgson
Toward a Testimonial Function of Reason and Religion in the Public Sphere
Neal DeRoo
Agency and Theology in the Construction and Critique of the Modern State
Michael Grossman
Pedagogies of Piety: Shi’i Children’s Books, Ethics and the Emergence of the Pious Subject
Edith Szanto

Book Reviews

Being Arab (Paul Eid)
Kathryn Carriere
Divine Hierarchies (Sean McCloud)
Matthew Pehl
What Would Jesus Deconstruct (John D. Caputo)
Neal DeRoo
Reading Freud (Tony Thwaites)
Barbara Greenberg
The Fall of Man (Peter Harrison)

James Lancaster

I’ve also added a link to the journal’s homepage to my listing of Digital Books and Journals.  Happy reading!


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