RBL Highlights: 6/30/09

Highlights from the most recent edition of the Review of Biblical Literature:

Richard Bauckham
Jesus and the Eyewitnesses: The Gospels as Eyewitness Testimony
Reviewed by Stephen J. Patterson

Per Jarle Bekken
The Word Is Near You: A Study of Deuteronomy 30:12-14 in Paul’s Letter to the Romans in a Jewish Context
Reviewed by J. R. Daniel Kirk

Eric Cline
From Eden to Exile: Unraveling Mysteries of the Bible
Reviewed by Chad Spigel

Yehudah B. Cohn
Tangled Up in Text: Tefillin and the Ancient World
Reviewed by Joshua Schwartz

John Dominic Crossan and Jonathan L. Reed
In Search of Paul: How Jesus’ Apostle Opposed Rome’s Empire with God’s Kingdom
Reviewed by Elliott Maloney

Walter Dietrich; Joachim Vette, trans.
The Early Monarchy in Israel: The Tenth Century B.C.E.
Reviewed by Jeremy Hutton

Lee M. Fields
Hebrew for the Rest of Us: Using Hebrew Tools without Mastering Biblical Hebrew
Reviewed by Francis Dalrymple-Hamilton

Mary Healy
The Gospel of Mark
Reviewed by Francis J. Moloney

Jennifer L. Koosed
(Per)Mutations of Qohelet: Reading the Body in the Book
Reviewed by Harold C. Washington

Judith M. Lieu
I, II, and III John: A Commentary
Reviewed by John Painter

Gonzalo Rubio, Steven Garfinkle, Gary Beckman, and Daniel Snell; Mark Chavalas, ed.
Current Issues and the Study of the Ancient Near East
Reviewed by Aren Maeir

J. Verheyden, G. Van Belle, and J. G. van der Watt, eds.
Miracles and Imagery in Luke and John: Festschrift Ulrich Busse
Reviewed by Peter J. Judge

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