The Bible and Critical Theory

The latest edition of The Bible and Critical Theory (Vol.3, No. 3) has been released. Non-subscribers who wish to gain access to these and other articles (and reviews) may subscribe here.

What is The Bible and Critical Theory?
Roland Boer, Julie Kelso

The transgression of Maacah in 2 Chronicles 15:16: A simple case of
idolatry or the threatening poesis of maternal ‘speech’?

Julie Kelso

Textually violating Dinah: Literary readings, colonizing
interpretations, and the pleasure of the text

Todd Penner, Lilian Cates

The poet is always in exile: Poetry and mourning in Psalm 137
Rose Lucas

One in Christ who lives within: Dispersive universality and the
pneuma-somatics of identity

Derek Woodard-Lehman

The actuality of Karl Kautsky: On materialist reconstructions of ancient
Israel and early Christianity

Roland Boer

Che Vuoi? : Politico-philosophical remarks on Leo Strauss’ Spinoza
Matthew Sharpe


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