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SBL Program Book… Plus, an Added Bonus!

I received my AAR/SBL program book today. There are a number of can’t-miss panels and section meetings… and of course I’ll have to find some time to hit the exhibit hall! 😉 In addition, I discovered an advertisement for a new (and completely free!) Greek resource:

Greek Bible Study

Mark Goodacre posted a brief endorsement of his own today. I played with it for a few minutes this evening, and my initial impressions are also very positive. The KJV and NASB versions may be viewed in parallel with Tischendorf’s edition of the Greek New Testament. The Greek vocabulary is color-coded according to parsing. After logging into the site, the user may save his/her translations and textual notes for later use. There is even a “Graduated Reader” feature, which displays certain portions of the Greek text once the user indicates that he/she has completed the corresponding sections in William Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek.

If you’re a veteran Greek student looking for some additional practice, or a neophyte looking to engage in independent study for the first time, this is the resource for you!


New: Victoria Clark on Christian Zionism

A recent release from the hometown team (Yale University Press):

Allies for Armageddon
The Rise of Christian Zionism

Victoria Clark


Guided by a literal reading of the prophetic sections of the Bible, Christian Zionists are convinced that the world is hurtling toward a final Battle of Armageddon. They believe that war in the Middle East is God’s will for the region. In this timely book, Victoria Clark first explores the 400-year history of this powerful political ideology, laying to rest the idea that Christian Zionism is a passing craze or the province of a lunatic fringe. Then Clark surveys the contemporary Christian Zionist scene in Israel and in the United States, where the influence of the religious fundamentalists has never been greater.

Clark engages with Christian Zionism directly, interviewing leaders, attending events, and traveling with Christian Zionists in the Holy Land. She also investigates the Christian Zionist presence in Israel. She finds that the view through the Christian Zionist lens is dangerously simple: President Bush’s War on Terror is a mythic battle between good and evil, and Syria and Iran represent the powers of darkness. Such views are far from rare—an estimated fifteen to twenty million Americans share them. Almost one in three Americans believes Israel was given to the Jews by God as a prelude to the Battle of Armageddon and Jesus’ Second Coming. Clark concludes with an assessment of Christian Zionists’ impact on American foreign policy in the Middle East and on America’s relationships with European allies since the attacks of 9/11.

Victoria Clark, a freelance journalist and writer, contributes to the Daily Telegraph, the Independent, Prospect magazine, and The Tablet. She formerly was correspondent and Moscow bureau chief for the Observer (London). The most recent of her three books on religious history is Holy Fire: The Battle for Christ’s Tomb. She lives in London.


October Markdowns from Dove!

Another welcome announcement from Dove Booksellers!

Limited Markdown Books for October 2007

Now Through October 31, 2007
Order 5 limited markdown books, get the 5th book at no charge!
Order 10, pay for 8, get 2 at no charge
(for every 5, one will be at no charge)

We’ve spent the last few week adding titles to our limited selection, including many that we have never offered before, as well as restocking some items that had sold out. There are some gems that will go quickly to the earliest shoppers!

Display Limited Quantity Markdowns

The link above takes you to the list of markdown item
which you display according to your interest area, publisher, etc.

Many titles available from:
E. J. Brill
Society of Biblical Literature
Wm. B. Eerdmans
Augsburg Fortress
Sheffield Academic Press
Yale University Press
Oxford University Press
T & T Clark International

…. and many other university and academic publishers.

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