"Essential Guides" Sale at Eisenbrauns

For the next ten days, Eisenbrauns is offering all of the titles in Abingdon’s “Essential Guides” series at a 40% discount. This is an opportunity to snatch up some excellent introductory texts at low, low prices. The complete list of available titles may be viewed here, but highlights include…

“The Apostolic Fathers: An Essential Guide”
by Clayton N. Jefford
Abingdon, 2005. Paper. English.
ISBN: 068734204X
List Price: $15.00 Your Price: $9.00

“Christian Ethics: An Essential Guide”

by Robin W. Lovin
Abingdon, 2000. Paper. English.
ISBN: 9780687054626
List Price: $15.00 Your Price: $9.00

“Church History: An Essential Guide”
by Justo L. Gonzalez
Abingdon, 1996. Paper. English.
ISBN: 9780687016112
List Price: $15.00 Your Price: $9.00

“Feminism and Christianity: An Essential Guide”
by Lynn Japinga
Abingdon, 1999. Paper. English.
ISBN: 9780687077601
List Price: $15.00 Your Price: $9.00

“Rabbinic Literature: An Essential Guide”
by Jacob Neusner
Abingdon, 2005. Paper. English.
ISBN: 0687351936
List Price: $16.00 Your Price: $9.60

“The Roman Empire and the New Testament: An Essential Guide”
by Warren Carter
Abingdon, 2006. Paper. English.
ISBN: 0687343941
List Price: $16.00 Your Price: $9.60

“Worship in Ancient Israel: An Essential Guide”
by Walter Brueggemann
Abingdon, 2005. Paper. English.
ISBN: 0687343364
List Price: $14.00 Your Price: $8.40


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