New: John H. Elliott on 1 Peter

A new publication announcement from Wipf and Stock Publishers:

Conflict, Community, and Honor: 1 Peter in Social-Scientific Perspective
by John H. Elliott

“The book is an excellent introduction to Prof. Elliott’s seminal work in applying social-scientific analysis of this New Testament writing, and will richly reward its careful reader.”
Paul J. Achtemeier, author of 1 Peter (Hermeneia)

“This… reading reveals the letter in its own context, in such a way that we can appropriate its message and values into our own.”
Carolyn Osiek, co-author of A Woman’s Place: House Churches in Earliest Christianity

“Here, as elsewhere, Elliott expertly joins the findings of social-scientific research with the insights of literary and theological analysis to clarify the ‘good news’ that is proclaimed in this often-overlooked New Testament writing.”
Victor Paul Furnish, author of The Moral Teaching of Paul

John H. Elliott
is Professor of New Testament Emeritus at the University of San Francisco. Among his numerous publications are The Elect and Holy, A Home for the Homeless, What Is Social-Scientific Criticism?, and 1 Peter (Anchor Bible).


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